Italiano: “Four minutes of madness at the end prevent us from celebrating”


In a disappointing turn of events for Fiorentina, the team faced a 3-2 defeat against Lecce, leaving Coach Vincenzo Italiano reflecting on the match with a sense of regret and missed opportunities.

Italiano, addressing the media after the game, began by analyzing the performance, emphasizing the need for more cunning on the field. He stated:

“We needed a bit more cunning. Just a bit more cleverness, something that cannot be trained.” The coach expressed disappointment over the loss of crucial points, admitting, “It’s a shame because these are points that we’ll now have to see where to get.”

Despite goals from Mandragora and Beltran, Fiorentina couldn’t secure a victory, with Oudin, Piccoli, and Dorgu contributing to Lecce’s triumph. Italiano acknowledged the team’s struggles in the early stages of 2024, pointing out a slowdown and unfavorable outcomes in some matches. He noted, “We didn’t start well in this 2024; we slowed down a bit. Some matches didn’t go our way, some mistakes from the penalty spot, and now an inattentive end to the game.”

A notable aspect of the match was the performance of Belotti, who, according to Italiano, had only completed one training session. The coach acknowledged the importance of Belotti as a player, stating, “He only had one training session; now he needs to find understanding with his teammates. He is an important player.”

Italiano also commented on the team’s roster and the challenges faced in the January transfer market. “We have four wingers and three forwards. We knew we could have difficulties in January, but now we will recover from injuries.” Despite the setbacks, the coach expressed optimism for the remainder of the season, highlighting the potential for growth. “The second half of the season is long, and by fixing some players physically, we can only grow,” he concluded.


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