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Italiano: ‘We can’t concede goals at the slightest mistake we make’


Fiorentina coach Vincenzo was happy with what his team created in their 2-2 draw with Lecce but believes they made too many mistakes. Fiorentina took an early two goal lead through a brace of headed goals from Nico Gonzalez and Alfred Duncan. Lecce fought back and scored a stunning goal through Hamza Rafia before Nikola Krstović bought the visitors level.

Speaking with DAZN after the match, Italiano pointed to La Viola’s busy schedule of late which includes Conference League qualification, but admitted he was happy with how his team are handling things:

Today you did more turn over than ever before. Did you get the answers you were looking for?

“Despite playing every other day we managed to play a first half with great quality, we had a chance to close it out with Duncan. We have to get out of the habit of not closing games.”

Did you get the answers from Beltran and the guys who played as starters?

“I saw a very good Fiorentina. I’m happy with the way Christensen and Beltran approached the match. Parisi and Arthur did well. We’re at the beginning, we can expect a drop in fitness and attention”.

Are you more unhappy about the goal not scored or the goal conceded?

“I’m happy because we built a lot. We mustn’t put up with the fact that at the slightest mistake we score goals.

Who is better for his 4-3-3: Nzola or Beltran?

“We are trying to vary a lot, adding a quality midfielder. We have two excellent strikers, it’s up to me to try to put them in a position to do well.”

How do you feel about Arthur?

“I told him during the week that this is a team that as soon as it loses the ball it scores goals and he proved that today. He has immense quality and has a dribbling ability that needs to be exploited. Today he also provided  an assist.”


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