Italy Sport Minister: ‘I hope Acerbi is at peace with his conscience’


Andrea Abodi, the Minister for Sport, didn’t mince words when commenting on the Acerbi verdict: “I hope that those who judged had all the useful information to do so, and that Acerbi is at peace with his conscience.” Speaking with Mediaset, as quoted by La Gazzetta dello Sport, Abodi said:

“I have expressed two opinions in principle, then everyone reads a judgment as they want or according to the cultural tools they have. On the other hand, a judgment is the result of evaluations of what has been reported.”

In commenting on Napoli’s decision to no longer participate in collective initiatives against racism, he adds, “I understand the bitterness, starting from the respect for Juan Jesus, but I believe that an effort must be made to remain together to counteract a phenomenon that cannot be fought if we are disorganized. Unity is needed,” he says on the sidelines of the signing of the protocol between Sport and Health and the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces for the development of the national system for the Census of sports facilities.

Abodi speaks of unity at a time when the entire Italian football appears decidedly disjointed: “Certainly, the disarticulation is worrying – he continues -. Often we talk about the football system, but it is evident that a system needs harmony, even in the difference of interests and positions. What is missing is the ability to bring out the common interest. Such a system fails. And this is not only a data related to financial failures but also to the failure of credibility, reputation. Often, one hides behind the fact that popular passion is inexhaustible. This should not be a cover for problems but an element of accountability. Despite a crisis of this nature that objectively involves the refereeing sector as well, people still go to the stadium: this passion must be respected. And I do not objectively notice this attention. Otherwise, we will all make ourselves available to each other to present ourselves in an appropriate manner.”


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