Joshua Kimmich could move to Juve as part of Bayern’s pursuit of Chiesa


In a surprising turn of events, Joshua Kimmich might play a pivotal role in Bayern Munich’s efforts to acquire Juventus winger Federico Chiesa. According to reports from Sky Sports Germany, Kimmich, whose contract with Bayern expires in 2025, is not expected to renew his deal with the club. This development opens the door for a potential swap deal involving Chiesa, a player highly coveted by the Bavarian giants.

Kimmich, a versatile midfielder and defender, has been a cornerstone for Bayern Munich. However, under the new management of Vincent Kompany, Kimmich is not seen as a first-choice player. This shift in status has led to speculation about his future, with several top European clubs, including Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, and Real Madrid, reportedly interested in the German international.

Chiesa has been on Bayern Munich’s radar for several years. The Italian international, who joined Juventus from Fiorentina in 2020, has impressed with his agility and scoring ability. Despite a cruciate ligament injury in 2022, Chiesa has continued to demonstrate his dynamism and remains one of the most sought-after wingers in Europe.

The proposed deal would see Kimmich move to Juventus, with Chiesa heading to Bayern Munich. Juventus is reportedly willing to include a €10 million cash adjustment to facilitate the transfer. This arrangement could benefit both clubs, addressing Bayern’s need for a fresh attacking option and Juventus’s desire to strengthen their midfield with a player of Kimmich’s caliber.


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