Juric: ‘I made mistakes in banking on 5 players’


In the aftermath of their draw against Bologna, Torino coach Ivan Juric admitted that he made mistakes with his lineup. The encounter at the Olimpico Grande Torino Stadium ended in a goalless draw, marking the third consecutive stalemate for the home side. While Torino showcased defensive solidity, their struggles in finding the back of the net persisted. On the other hand, Bologna missed an opportunity, albeit temporary, to surpass Juventus in the standings.

Speaking with Sky Sport Italia post-match, Juric, lamented his sides lack of cutting edge in attack:

“We deserved the victory, but we couldn’t score,” he lamented, highlighting the necessity for sacrifice against formidable opponents like Bologna.

However, Juric didn’t shy away from acknowledging his own misjudgments. He admitted, “Some players, in terms of their characteristics, could have scored more goals. I was too optimistic. It’s not always the striker’s sole responsibility; we lacked that.” Furthermore, he reflected on his transfer decisions, confessing, “I relied on players I shouldn’t have. We should have let go of five players in January. We made do. At the beginning of the year, we made incorrect assessments.”

In conclusion, Juric outlined a new mindset for Torino, emphasizing a shift towards European ambitions and a more demanding approach. “Now I understand that we need to be more demanding. If we want to bring happiness to these fans, we need to raise the bar,” he asserted, underlining the imperative for higher standards to achieve success and bring joy to the supporters.


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