Douglas Luiz

Juventus and Douglas Luiz reach agreement: Barrenechea gives green light


With less than 10 days remaining until Aston Villa’s June 30th deadline to sell a player to comply with Financial Fair Play regulations, negotiations for Douglas Luiz’s transfer to Juventus are entering a crucial phase. The Brazilian midfielder feels his Premier League adventure is concluding and is ready to embark on a new chapter of his professional career in Turin.

Calciomercato report that Juventus and Luiz have reached a preliminary agreement on a 4-year contract worth approximately €5 million net per season, including bonuses. However, the final signatures are not yet imminent as the two clubs are still working out the details of the financial compensation and the players Juventus will include in the deal to reduce the cash component.

One certainty is that Weston McKennie will not be part of the exchange. The American midfielder, whose contract expires in 2025, complicated negotiations with his demand for a €4 million salary from Aston Villa and requests for back payments from Juventus. As a result, both clubs have excluded him from the deal.

Instead, Juventus Villa are now focusing on Enzo Barrenechea, an Argentine midfielder who recently returned from a loan spell at Frosinone, as a potential addition to the deal alongside Samuel Iling-Junior. Barrenechea is reportedly open to the move, and this proposal is gaining traction with both parties.

The current offer from Juventus includes Iling-Junior, Barrenechea, and a cash component of €25 million, totalling a package worth approximately €60 million – the figure requested by Aston Villa. The clubs have had further contacts today to finalize the deal and iron out the remaining details.

The overall sentiment is positive, with expectations that the transfer will be completed one way or another. Juventus has valued Iling-Junior and Barrenechea at €20 million and €18 million respectively, which could result in a significant capital gain of €36.1 million for the current financial year, according to Calcio&Finanza.

For the upcoming season, Juventus would also benefit from savings on amortization and salaries: approximately €1.24 million for Iling-Junior and €1.43 million for Barrenechea. However, Douglas Luiz’s cost, including transfer amortization and salary, would amount to about €21.25 million per year.

As negotiations progress, another Brazilian moves closer to Juventus, along with his partner Alisha Lehmann, who is set to become a key player for the women’s team. Frequent contacts continue as both sides work to finalize the deal.


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