Juventus ask for €440 million in compensation from the FIGC


Juventus have made a claim for compensation from the FIGC in the amount of €440 million for the awarding of the 2005-06 title to Inter. The club were demoted to Serie B as part of the Calciopoli scandal that rocked Italian football in 2006, which also saw them stripped of two titles.

Il Corriere Torino report that, in response to this decision, Juventus have lodged an appeal, pointing out that Inter had also been involved in disciplinary offences similar to those alleged against Juventus. Juventus also urged the Federal Council to revoke the Commissioner’s decision that had stripped it of the title and awarded it to Inter. However, in 2011, the Federal Council rejected the appeal.

After having tried appeals to the sports justice bodies, without obtaining results, Juventus turned to administrative justice. However, even the Council of State, in its recent ruling, avoided ruling on the content of the offences and their consequences on the championship title, stating that the issue of disciplinary offences falls exclusively within the jurisdiction of the Bodies of Sports Justice. The conclusion is that Juventus will not be awarded the Scudetto for the 2005-06 season.

Despite the inadmissibility of the appeals, the Council of State did not require Juventus to cover the other side’s legal costs, a common practice when doubts arise on the issue or when the losing side has valid substantive reasons. It also emerged that, while the Sport Justice has jurisdiction over disciplinary matters, other jurisdictions may deal with compensation for damages resulting from such torts.

Juventus have already requested the Administrative Justice to order the FIGC to compensate the club for more than €440 million in relation to Inter’s sporting offences and the awarding of the Scudetto to Inter. The hearing for this request is set for 24 October. The compensation for damages will depend on the confirmation of Inter’s sporting offences.  However, it is important to emphasise that even if the wrongdoings are established, this will not have the effect of returning the championship title to Juventus, due to the legal complexity and historical circumstances surrounding this issue.


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