Juventus await new points penalty


The motivations for sending Juve back to Federal Court have been published as the Bianconeri await a new ruling. The club were initially docked 15 points for alleged capital gains on player trasfers, but an appeal to CONI saw the penalty revoked, pending a new ruling.

The new 75-page document was released by CONI and outlines the reasoning for the referral back to the Federal Court, and includes the famous ‘Article 4’ which pertains to fair play and remains in place against the club and directors Andrea Agnelli, Fabio Paratici, Maurizio Arrivabene and Federico Cherubini.

La Repubblica report that the Bianconeri are now awaiting a new ruling which is expected within the next 30 days, which is expected to confirm a points penalty for the club.

The suggestion is that Juventus will be docked between 9 and 12 points, but the 15 point penalty can’t be ruled out. with a date for the new trial expected to be set soon. The appeals court is likely to meet on May 24, when there will be only two games left until the end of the league and four days to go before the direct clash between Juve and Milan for a Champions League spot.


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