Juventus confirm purchase of HQ and training center


Juventus have officially confirmed the purchase of Company’s headquarters and the Juventus Training & Media Center for €47.6 million. The purchase, which includes both the land and the buildings they are built upon, was opened in 2015 following the completion of the Juventus stadium in 2012.

Ream SGR, a Turin based investment management company specializing in mutual funds, real estate assets, and pension funds sold the property.

It was built by the Milan construction firm Impresa Pessina Costruzioni, after the purchase of the land in 2013 and the completion of the designs by 2017.

The headquarters include 4400 square meters of floorspace accompanied by 20000 square meters of parking space.

A €2.9 million per annum positive economic windfall will also follow the purchase, from what would’ve previously been put also into renting the facilities.

The buildings are apart of the ‘JVillage’, an assortment of facilities owned and operated by the club, including JHotel, JMuseum and most importantly the Allianz Stadium.


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