Juventus Curva Sud to abandon remaining home fixtures – “Our season ends here”


In a lengthy protest statement, the Juventus Curva Sud announced that it will no longer participate in the home matches of the Bianconeri. The Ultra groups are still at loggerheads with the clubs management over a range of issues, and released a statement saying:

 “Our championship ends here. We have put all our effort and passion to make the Curva Sud the 12th man on the field, to once again demonstrate that the Stadium without us is only cold, silent, and all too often prone to booing and easy criticism.

“We fought to obtain those basic tools to organize the fans, and know that many proposals and ideas, which are the norm in almost all major Italian and foreign fan bases, have been rejected. We supported the team tirelessly both when we were fighting for the top spots and when it began a continuous and steady decline in performance and pride on the field. We supported everyone despite knowing well the habits and abuses of our players, who sometimes behave unprofessionally off the field… Even if you leave Turin, things always come to light.

“But the recent verdicts and what has been said and written with almost surgical precision and studied in order to strike us again, have crossed the line. The limit of abuse and oppression is overflowing! (…) We place in the Court of Cassation still a glimmer of hope to demonstrate that “Justice” is equal for all! (…)

“You don’t deserve us! But we, who are “ugly and bad,” will keep our promise by supporting the Team away from Turin… (…) We leave this last part of the season, crucial for the remaining objectives, to you… the public who, if we don’t sing, you boo us; to you, who boo after 20 minutes if the team doesn’t score; to you, who, when we don’t win and we have to push the team to victory “Until the end” is an end only for us, because you are afraid of traffic and leave early. Juventus is us.”


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