Juventus Face Fitness Concerns as Vlahovic and Chiesa Undergo Medical Checks


After a challenging encounter against Inter that ended in a 1-0 defeat, Juventus find themselves grappling with injury concerns. Dusan Vlahovic and Federico Chiesa, key players in the squad, underwent medical tests following the Sunday match, revealing potential setbacks for the upcoming fixtures.

Serbian striker Vlahovic is reported to have undergone medical examinations on Monday. The tests were prompted by concerns over a muscle problem, specifically an adductor overload. As the Serbian forward deals with this issue, his availability for the next Serie A game against Udinese hangs in the balance. Juventus’ medical staff will monitor Vlahovic’s condition on a daily basis, leaving room for uncertainty regarding his participation in the upcoming fixture.

Adding to the fitness worries, winger Chiesa, who played a part in the second half of the match against Inter, sustained a minor foot injury. Although the situation is showing signs of improvement with reduced swelling, Chiesa’s fitness remains a concern for the coaching staff.


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