Juventus Issues Ultimatum to Chiesa: Renew at Lower Salary or Leave


Federico Chiesa’s future at Juventus hangs in the balance as the club presents him with a critical decision: renew his contract at a reduced salary or depart. This ultimatum comes as Roma, previously interested in acquiring the Italian winger, has withdrawn from negotiations.

La Gazzetta dello Sport report how Chiesa, who experienced a disappointing European Championship, is now hoping for an opportunity to play Champions League football abroad. However, if he chooses to remain with Juventus, he risks being marginalized under new coach Thiago Motta’s system.

The 26-year-old’s contract with Juventus is set to expire in 2025, and the club is keen to avoid losing him on a free transfer, as happened with Paulo Dybala. Juventus values Chiesa between €20-25 million, but no concrete offers have been received thus far.

Thiago Motta, Juventus’ new manager, reportedly prefers Mathias Soulé in his attacking trident, considering Chiesa less suitable for his playing style. This situation further complicates Chiesa’s position at the club.

Juventus has presented Chiesa with three options:

1. Renew his contract at a lower salary than his current €5 million plus bonuses
2. Accept a transfer to another club
3. See out his contract until 2025, risking limited playing time

The third option could be particularly risky for Chiesa, as reduced playing time could diminish his chances of securing a lucrative contract with a top club in the future.

As Juventus officially begins its 2024-25 season under Thiago Motta’s leadership, Chiesa’s future remains uncertain. The player has requested time until after his wedding on July 20 to make a decision, possibly hoping for interest from foreign clubs offering Champions League football.

This situation also impacts Juventus’ transfer plans, as selling Chiesa could provide funds for pursuing other targets, such as Atalanta’s Teun Koopmeiners[4]. Additionally, Chiesa’s departure could potentially secure Soulé’s place in the squad, a player Motta is keen to retain.



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