Juventus plan to sell Federico Chiesa


In a surprising turn of events, Juventus have reportedly decided that Federico Chiesa no longer fits into their future plans under incoming manager Thiago Motta. The Italian winger, whose contract is set to expire in 2025, has been put up for sale by the club.

According to renowned Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano, Motta, who too over as Juventus’ new coach following Max Allegri’s departure, does not consider Chiesa a priority in his project.

This decision marks a significant shift in Juventus’ strategy, as Chiesa has been a key player for the Bianconeri since his arrival from Fiorentina in 2020. However, recent injuries and inconsistent performances have seemingly diminished his standing within the club.

Juventus are reportedly open to offers for Chiesa, with his current market value estimated to be around €25 million. This relatively low asking price, considering Chiesa’s potential, has caught the attention of several clubs across Europe.


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