JUVENTUS v Parma match preview


I will hope to wake tomorrow and learn of a comprehensive victory over a close to already relegated Parma rather than yet more hideous reports of Agnelli shitting the nest.

The visitors are 10 points off safety with only 8 games remaining. Their DOOM seems assured. A lengthy injury list certainly will not help their cause though Pirlo’s tactics just might!

Their form is dire. And to try even the odds, our star coach is set to bring expert Attacking Midfielder Ramsey back from the dead to play at LM! Or perhaps RM. Depends where he places Juan.

I suppose we should be grateful for the likelihood of seeing a proper back four, by which I mean two CBs and two FBs. Which will help with the balance of the rearguard.

Morata is apparently tired of failure and will be given a rest to rebuild his confidence on FIFA. Which means Dybala will continue his slow return to sharpness alongside or at least in the same third of the field as the evergreen Ronaldo who has been asked to wear two shirts to prevent any further negative press when he throws one to the ground in disgust.

Not much to add beyond the vague, yet likely forlorn hope that we can manage 24 hours without adding fuel to the global opprobrium which Agnelli is courting. Though this continues to worsen by the hour, as now reports emerge of the curious Alessandro Nasi poised to replace the President.

Nasi is the partner of Buffon’s ex wife and also deeply embedded in the Agnelli family empire. A cousin of John and Lapo Elkann, vice president of EXOR and by some reports heir to the throne. He could be all these things and many more, or none…given I quickly googled his name and read the first profile that appeared….Its probably just tabloid sensationalism.

No time to get deeper into the Super League debacle beyond mentioning that it is bemusing to find corporate billionaire platforms creating the narrative of demanding action against…corporate billionaire crowds. The rabble of the masses are too easily told what to think, what to share and retweet, their views served up with demand to rinse and repeat in the name of justice and decency.

Add to this the laughable notion that the clubs who have pulled out have done so due to ‘fan pressure’…A victory for the man on the street eh! This seems outlandish to seriously consider let alone believe. A more reasonable explanation is that the corporations set to lose money and power (UEFA/FIFA) have offered the clubs – especially in the PL – mega financial incentives to pull back…So John Henry can make his cap in hand apology, pundits can rejoice of the ‘people power’, shake paws with nods of mutual approval for the hard fight fought and won in the name of liberty and love of the game…Its meaningless drivel. Corporations whether twitter or EXor or Fenway Sports Group or Facebook or The Guardian have one focus alone which is profit. It is not ‘the people’. Moving on…

Expected formation –

Juventus (4-4-2):Buffon; Danilo, Bonucci, De Ligt, Alex Sandro; Cuadrado, Bentancur, Arthur, Ramsey; Dybala, Ronaldo