Juventus verdict on points penalty expected tomorrow


Juventus will have to wait until Thursday to learn if their appeal against the 15-point penalty has been successful. Bianconeri President Gianluca Ferrero was present for the hearing which took place earlier today at the Collegio di Garanzia as the club looked to have the point penalty overturned.

The hearing took over three hours to be heard and the FIGC opted not to stand against it, meaning there will be no counter-appeal from Italian football’s governing body.

Sky Sport Italia and a number of others now report that the verdict will not be heard until tomorrow at the earliest, with a number of sources suggesting that the case may be referred to another court, which would suggest a new trial. In the interim, Juventus are expected to have the 15 points returned to them, taking them up to 2nd place in the Serie A standings.

Juventus lawyers argued that “Capital gains figures are irrelevant: the €60 million referred to in the three-year period (which was investigated by the FIGC prosecutor) are just 3.6% of the €1 billion and €600 million in revenues in the same period.”


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