Juventus win appeal, but want another document


The Council of State rejected an appeal from the FIGC who were forced to hand over a secret document to the Juventus defence, but the club have discovered another document they want. Former Bianconeri directors Fabio Paratici and Federico Cherubini had won their to the Lazio Regional Court (TAR) to obtain access to the reported ‘secret document’, however the FIGC prosecutor made a last minute appeal to the Council of State to overturn the ruling.

Tuttosport report that the Council of State upheld the ruling and ordered that FIGC Prosecutor’s Office hand over the now-infamous ‘Note 10940’ to the Juve defence team yesterday. There’s a suggestion that document may not be of particular importance to the Bianconeri’s defence as they look to appeal their points penalty, however the document makes reference to another Covisoc document dated March 31 2021,  two weeks older than Note 10940.

The club are now looking to obtain access to this new note as they look to prove to CONI that the investigation into their alleged use of capital gains (plusvalenza) began far earlier than was officially stated by the public prosecutors office claims.

If they are able to prove this, beyond a doubt, the 15-point deduction they were given in January would fall outside of the permitted timeframe for the investigation, and they would stand a good chance of having the penalty overturned.


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