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La Repubblica: ‘Marotta could return to Juventus’


A report from Italian newspaper La Repubblica suggests that Juventus could look to bring back former club director Beppe Marotta. The former Juve sporting director made the switch to Inter, soon after leaving Turin and has recently signed a contract extension with the Nerazzurri, tying him to the club until 2025.

La Repubblica (via FCInter1908) write that after the resignation of the Board of Directors, Juventus’ next step will be the total ‘renewal’ of the management. The new board will be decided on December 18 with the induction of Gianluca Ferrero as president and Maurizio Scanavino as general manager, a first step toward a new management team.

According to the report, the goal is to allow the remaining managers, from Cherubini to Storari, to continue until the end of the season with their functions, and then set a new course. A break with the past, with new corporate restructuring, new management, and ‘the great temptation’ is to bring Beppe Marotta back to Turin.

There’s been no contacts as yet as Marotta has only recently renewed with Inter but ‘those who know him well know that a call from Juventus would make him waver’.

Marotta is associated with one of the most successful periods of the clubs history, helping them to back-to-back Serie A titles while slowing returning Juve to prominence in both Italy and abroad.


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