Lilian Thuram agent: ‘Khephren has his fathers mind’


Oscar Damiani, the long-time agent of legendary French defender Lilian Thuram, recently gave an in-depth interview to Tuttosport. He shared his insights on Lilian’s son, Khephren Thuram, who might join his brother Marcus in the Italian league, potentially signing with Juventus:

“A player who matures in the French league, which is much more physical than the Italian one, can complete his development upon arriving in Serie A. This improvement includes tactical aspects, adding significant value to the club he joins.”

“It’s essential to be intelligent, and Khephren certainly is, both on and off the pitch. This is because Lilian was intelligent, and his children grew up in a smart family. He has the right mindset to make a mark.”

“How do I see him at Juve? I believe Khephren would help Juventus grow, and Juventus would help Khephren grow. So, rather well, indeed. Additionally, he would contribute some goals to the team; this is another attribute in his technical repertoire.”

“In the midfield? Above all, I believe his most evident quality is his awareness of positioning. He always knows where to place himself and moves at the right times to operate between the lines. He has a natural predisposition for understanding the game and reading situations. This allows him to learn quickly and adapt seamlessly to various tactical setups.”

“His role? Probably as a classic mezzala, with the freedom to push forward, in a three-man midfield. He’s an all-around player, a ‘box-to-box’ midfielder, as they say. Playing as a winger or a deep-lying playmaker isn’t his forte, but he can effectively operate in any central midfield role in any formation.”


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