Lorenzo Lucca: ‘I had chills after I met Ibrahimovic this season’


Udinese striker Lorenzo Lucca talked through the high points of his 2024-25 season, including meeting his idol, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The 23-year-old striker is expected to make a permanent switch to the Bianconeri this summer, having arrived on loan last year. Speaking with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Lucca looked back at his most prolific Serie A campaign and his ambitions for the future with Udinese:

A review of the past year?

“Positive. Among the dreams realized, I count my first goal against Genoa, the national team call-up in March, and playing at the Olimpico, San Siro, Allianz, and Olimpico Grande Torino, where I used to go with my father. I watched matches in both stadiums.”

Another postcard moment?

“The meeting with Ibrahimovic after Udinese-Milan. I had his poster in my room. He autographed my shirt, and then we talked. He said, ‘You’re strong, keep it up.’ I had chills.”

How far you’ve come since Serie D…

“I remember playing two matches in less than 24 hours with Atletico Torino. In the afternoon, I scored two goals with the Juniors, and the next morning, I scored in Promotion.”

The importance of the grind.

“Exactly. I never gave up. Those years were important. They make me think that everything had a purpose: the sacrifices, the support from my family. And I haven’t always been this tall; I grew later.”

Where were you on July 9, 2006?

“In Valle d’Aosta with my parents.”

Did you tell Fabio Cannavaro?

“I had already met him in the national team, then I found him again at Udinese. He has always been helpful with countless pieces of advice. He wants me to stay focused because the crucial ball can come even in the last second. And we joke a lot: he says if I had played against him, I wouldn’t have touched a ball.”

How do you reply?

“That he wouldn’t have touched it either! Jokes aside, he’s been very good. He took charge of a struggling group and led us to safety. I’m happy for him and how the season ended.”

Udinese will sign you from Pisa.

“I’m happy. That’s what I wanted.”

How many times have you rewatched the missed goal against Fiorentina?

“Reviewing oneself is essential. It’s the only way to understand mistakes and improve. As a child, I missed easy goals like that, but then I scored some scrappy ones against Lazio and Bologna. I have someone who helps me with this, even with meditation. It helps after a below-expectation match.”

What did you learn at Ajax?

“It was a school of football and life. They teach you how to behave off the field. After all, you represent a historic club. The two goals I scored at the Amsterdam Arena remain the best memory.”

Retegui scored one less goal than you but will be at the European Championship.

“Selections depend on various factors. Spalletti rightly made a different choice. Goals matter, but for these contexts, they aren’t everything. I’m calm. The goal for next season is to confirm myself. This year, I worked a lot even after training: individual technique, gym, things like that.”

What do you see on the horizon?

“My dream is the World Cup, and then there’s always family. My father, my mother, my brother. Thanks to them, I’ve always made decisions with my own head. I owe everything to them. The rest will depend on me.”


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