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Lotito on Stadium: “If it has to be 35,000 seats, I refuse”


Lazio president Claudio Lotito spoke with La Repubblica on the subject of a new stadium in the capital. The Biancocelesti boss touched on the prospect of a new home for Lazio, but made it clear that the seating capacity would play a role in his decision:

“First, I have to see the feasibility of the project and what they allow me to do. If it has to be of 35,000 seats, I refuse,” Lotito clarified, referring to the Flaminio hypothesis.

The Biancocelesti patron continued: “We are technically studying how to make the stadium usable and functional, and based on this, we will present a project. We are doing the final surveys.” Addressing the capacity issue, he clarified, “If they tell me to build a stadium with 35,000 seats, I thank them and say goodbye. Lazio has an average of 45,000 spectators but can also reach 60,000. What should I do? Send away the fans?”

“We have to do things with common sense,” Lotito emphasized. “I have commissioned an office of the Football League, which has started its discussions, to conduct a feasibility study. We must do things with common sense and criteria; in life, things must be done like this,” Lotito concluded.


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