Lukaku: “My future? I’ve already decided….”


Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku says he has already decided his future, following reports that both Roma and Napoli are interested in him. the 31-year-old will return to Chelsea this summer, but is not expected to remain there. Speaking with Het Laatse Nieuws in Belgium, the former Inter striker spoke about his future and a potential move to Saudi Arabia one day:

“The offer from Saudi Arabia? It was really intense at that moment. For two weeks. For two days in a row, I thought: ‘Yes, I’ll go’, ‘No, I won’t go’. – Everyone went to Saudi Arabia only after the days when I could have signed. Let’s say I was afraid.”

“Saudi Arabia wouldn’t stop me. The level can only increase. And it will reach a much higher level than many think. More and more footballers will tend to play there. Also because of the way fans experience football. The infrastructure still needs to be improved, but all the top European clubs know: ‘Saudi Arabia is coming’. You already see it in boxing, golf, Formula 1…”

“Returning to Anderlecht one day? It will happen. And much sooner than many think. I left Belgium when I was eighteen; I miss my mother and my kids.”

“My future? In my head, I’ve already figured it out. I know what will happen. Many people like to talk, maybe because I don’t have an official agent. But I will decide. I have control over my situation.”

“I’ll make a choice, and once I explain it, everyone will agree with me. Every time I’ve decided to stay or leave somewhere, it turned out to be the right choice because of certain factors.”

“An example? My relationship with the coach. It’s like a relationship with a woman. If it no longer works, why stay together?”

“Who has been my best coach so far? Antonio Conte.”


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