Maignan: ‘These things shouldn’t happen in football’


Milan goalkeeper Mike Maignan recounted the racist abuse his suffered during the Rossoneri’s 3-2 win over Udinese: ‘These things shouldn’t happen in football’. The French international made the decision to leave the pitch with Milan 1-0 up, having informed the referee of what he was hearing behind the goal. Speaking with Sky Sport Italia after the match, Maignan talked through what happened during the match:

What happened?

“I went to get the ball and I heard people call me ‘monkey’, but I didn’t say anything; then they did it again and I asked the bench for help, then I said that you can’t play football like that.

“These are things that need to be said. They are ignorant people. The fan comes to the stadium to cheer, maybe to whistle, but these things in football shouldn’t happen.”

Everyone supported you…

“We have a great club, a very strong group, we are a family. Everyone supported me. Then we went onto the field with more desire to win the match for this reason here. The right answer is to win.”

Given Milan’s position in the table, are you looking up or down?

“Now I don’t look at the table, there are no points to count, but just think match after match, win, give our best. Today we can’t look ahead or behind the standings, otherwise we’ll lose points.”

What would you say if you met the person who shouted racist chants at you?

“Now I don’t want to meet anyone, I don’t want to talk to them. They must have very strong sanctions, because talking is no longer of any use.

“They must stay at home and no longer come to the stadium. Football is beautiful because you come to the stadium, with your families, to have fun.”


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