Maignan: ‘Zlatan called me a s*** goalkeeper’


Milan and France goalkeeper Mike Maignan recently shared some intriguing anecdotes in an interview with ‘Carré’, focusing on his interactions with Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Adrien Rabiot.

Recalling a training session at Paris Saint-Germain, Maignan revealed a heated exchange with Ibrahimovic. “Zlatan took a powerful shot and then called me a ‘sh*t goalkeeper’. I didn’t like it. I stopped the training and responded by calling him a ‘bloody striker’. Ibra appreciates people who stand up to him. Responding that way showed him who I was. From there, we were able to work well together,” Maignan explained.

Regarding his relationship with Adrien Rabiot, Maignan admitted to a near-altercation: “We didn’t really know each other. We exchanged some inappropriate words, but in the end, it turned out well. For me now, he’s like family.”

Maignan also reflected on his time at PSG: “I spent several years in the PSG academy because there were no professional spots available. Just before I signed professionally, the club was acquired. Several stars arrived, and that was it. I was able to train with them and gain experience. At some point, my path was no longer progressing. It was blocked, so I had to leave. I arrived at Lille in 2015 with top goalkeepers, a top group, and a top coach.”


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