Mancini Remains Confident After Inter Defeat: “The Results Will Come with These Performances”


Roma defender Gianluca Mancini still has confidence in his team’s quality and ability despite the 4-2 defeat to Inter Milan in their recent Serie A encounter. Reflecting on the match, Mancini emphasized the importance of unity and staying on the path they’ve set with head coach Daniele De Rossi.

“Losing is never easy to accept. It’s natural to feel frustrated,” Mancini began. “But we must also acknowledge that we performed well against a team widely regarded as the best in the league. Our first half was fantastic, and we have to hold ourselves accountable for the lapses in the beginning of the second half.”

He credited De Rossi for his preparedness and the clarity of his ideas, which the team has embraced. “The coach came with his vision, and we understood it well. Before De Rossi took charge, our results weren’t satisfactory, so we knew we had to step up.”

Despite the defeat, Mancini remained optimistic about their performance. “Tonight, we executed what he asked of us. The 4-2 scoreline might seem harsh. Inter played admirably, they earned their win, but a draw wouldn’t have been unjust. Our performance should serve as motivation because the results will follow.”

“We are individuals deeply invested in Roma’s success. We train hard, and our aim is to win every game, just like tonight. We gave our best, but it didn’t pan out. This is the path we’re on, and we’ll strive to improve.”


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