Marotta: “I will leave Inter when my contract ends”


In a surprising turn of events, Inter Milan CEO Beppe Marotta has announced that he will be leaving the club at the end of his contract to focus solely on youth development. Marotta disclosed the news during an event at the Sala Montanari in Varese, alongside Varese CEO Luis Scola, discussing the importance of “sustainability in today’s sports organizations.”

His tenure with Inter will conclude in 2027, marking eight seasons since he joined the club’s management in the summer of 2019. Following his successful tenure at Juventus, Marotta played a pivotal role in revitalizing Inter Milan, leading the team to reclaim the Serie A title in 2021 and reaching the Champions League final in 2023.

Looking ahead to his post-Inter plans, Marotta hinted at his future endeavors starting from 2027, emphasizing a keen interest in youth development:

““When my contract with Inter ends, I will step down to focus on the youth. The youth sector is the greatest asset of a club, especially from a humanitarian perspective,” Marotta remarked. He expressed a firm belief that charging youth for sports activities is misguided, advocating for free access to sports to engage even economically disadvantaged families, who may harbor hidden talent, reminiscent of earlier times. Addressing the issue of sports facilities, Marotta highlighted the lack of political sensitivity towards sports in Italy, underscoring the importance of sustainability in this aspect. He further delved into the topic of youth development, pointing out deficiencies in educational institutions. “In the Netherlands, for instance, Ajax and Amsterdam schools share the responsibility of training young athletes,” Marotta noted, indicating a potential model for improvement in Italy.


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