Marotta: “My farewell to Juve? They wanted to rejuvenate. I didn’t agree on CR7.”


Inter CEO Beppe Marotta spoke about his time with Juventus and explained why he chose to leave the Bianconeri, saying the Ronaldo signing was something he didn’t fully agree with. Marotta was speaking with DAZN about his career to date, and was asked about his experience in Turin with Juventus:

“All my experiences have been important in my personal growth. Equally important was that at Juventus and the culture of winning, pursuing every detail as essential for survival and promptly resolving every issue. Inter today is a club on a growth path. In Istanbul, the players trained to understand what it means to win, and in defeat, we trained the mind to win. From every professional at Juventus, I drew inspiration to improve my competence. Allegri? His irony is part of the game and always serves to lighten the mood. Then we go our own way, and Juventus goes theirs.”

“The Ronaldo deal? Many years have passed, and I sympathize with this issue, I no longer want to discuss this topic. I only acknowledge the beautiful ten years at Juventus. If the ownership has a different line and a different strategy, the manager steps back. I did it with a smile because I gave Juventus as much as I received. Juventus wanted to rejuvenate the management, and it was right. The Ronaldo operation didn’t entirely agree with me. I don’t discuss the player; he was financially demanding. But that wasn’t the element that led to the rupture. It was a physiological change or a closed cycle.”

“Inter? I have to say one thing: it’s much harder to have money available than not to have it. When you don’t have it, you have to be creative and work on opportunities. A player I would sign? Bellingham, for example, entertains me. Future? I extended the contract, and both I and the entire management extended. My contract expires in 2027 when I’ll be 70 years old. Being in love with football and sports, I want to create a new life, and I would like to get involved in football from a political point of view.”


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