Marotta: ‘Zhang is the perfect owner, the economic situation is very stable’


Inter Milan CEO Giuseppe Marotta says the economic situation at the club is very stable: ‘We hope to continue with the Zhang family.’ Speaking on the sidelines of the Bearzot award ceremony (via CM) received today by Inter’s coach, Simone Inzaghi, Marotta said of the club:

“The choice of Inzaghi is collective; obviously, clubs are composed of professionals, and together, we made this decision,” reported TMW. “In him, we found the professional and human qualities that are often more important than the professional ones. We made this choice with great tranquility; he had done well with Lazio. The decision to renew with him will be natural; he has demonstrated with facts that he can perform well and is the ideal profile for Inter’s present and future.”

Regarding the May 20 deadline for the loan with Oaktree: “What will happen? It’s not a question I can answer because it concerns ownership. I can only say that yesterday I spoke with Steven Zhang; he was not physically present, but we have been in daily contact, and I can say he is the perfect owner. He knows how to delegate, respects roles perfectly, and the hope is that Steven Zhang can continue. There are all the positive signs for this; our economic situation is very stable. We are calm, and we hope to continue with the Zhang family.”

Finally, on his future: “I have a contract that ends in 2027; I will be approaching 70 years old and will make the appropriate evaluations. Perhaps I could try a different experience. Meanwhile, we are trying to achieve more important successes, then we will see what happens.”


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