Marotta: “Zielinski? We’re Testing the Waters”


Inter CEO Giuseppe Marotta discussed the genesis of his ideas regarding free agents, focusing on Napoli midfielder Piotr Zielinski. The Nerazzurri are closely linked with the Polish international and speaking with DAZN, Marotta explained why it’s easier for Inter to attract free agents, revealing the process the clubs go through:

“They arise from the work of the technical area, from the scouts who carry out monitoring activities. Then we try to contact and negotiate with the players. For us, it’s easier because we represent Inter. Today it’s easier compared to when I arrived, absolutely yes. We’ve won six trophies, reached a Champions League final. Then you’re in Milan, and this city is also crucial for the players’ partners.”

“What matters is representing a club that has returned to being like the one in 2010. We are sought after and sought out. Regarding Zielinski: we’re testing the waters, I’ve also spoken with De Laurentiis. If everything goes well, we’ll announce it and register him for next year.”

“Thuram? He has always shown himself to be a talent, he had a bad injury. We didn’t give up on him, with Ausilio and Baccin, we managed to bring him to Milan for free, and he will become a champion. Having a father like Lilian, of that caliber, is important. He’s a fundamental advisor for Marcus.”


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