Mazzarri: ‘I have studied Spalletti’s 4-3-3 in depth but we need the right players’


Napoli coach Walter Mazzarri says he has studied the 4-3-3 formation that was used by his predecessor but he needs ‘the right players’. The Partenopei find themselves without a win in their last four matches across all competitions, and are looking to get things back on track when they host bottom of the table Salernitana. Speaking pre-game, Mazzarri discussed the troubles his team has faced and his ideas to get their season moving forward again:

“I’m happy with the work done during the week. There has been more time together and since I arrived there have been a few days to do these things. I think it has done us good. The real test is then the field, I expect a brilliant Napoli. In Turin we were off to a bad start because we had heavy reprimands with the coach but there was also a bit of bad luck. Having said that it was a bad game but against Salernitana, we want the result.

“If they are professional players they are pissed off. They know that they have been able to work little with a new coach and they should be as happy as I am. They must realise that they have to perform more. It happens, it’s not a drama”.

“When I was rampant and young maybe I made mistakes in communication, now I am wiser. I stopped after 13 years non-stop. Then I saw Napoli and watched them with affection. I studied the 4-3-3 and made a culture for myself but I have to have the right players to play a certain form.

“Are we missing Kim Min Jae? Playing football like that you also need the strength to recover by playing high. I came because I studied Napoli’s method of play a lot because they were the team that played the best in Europe.”

“Someone told me not to do the conference, I put my face on it. Napoli is going through a particular moment, I ask for a little help from the Neapolitans at the stadium. For 95 minutes they will give the boys a hand, as they have always done. Then if they’re not happy at the end it’s right to boo them. All I have to think about is that those at my disposal go a thousand. When I arrived we played every three days, I was sick. Now I’m better because I’ve seen them better on the pitch.”

“Agents? The players just have to do their duty and give their best for the shirt. Referees? Ours must not react, but talented players must be protected.


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