McKennie: ‘I knew I had a bad showing at Leeds’


Juventus midfielder Weston McKennie admits that he may have let some people down during his loan spell with Leeds. The USMNT international spent six months on loan with the Championship side, and was with them when their relegation from the Premier League was confirmed. Speaking with 8by8, the 25-year-old admitted that he had a ‘a bad showing’ with the Yorkshire based side, and returning to Juve allowed him to start over:

“I think going to Leeds and having the experience I had there, I may have let some people down. I may have let some fans down who supported Leeds and believed in me.”

“At the end of the day, when I get older and it’s my time to go, how many of those people are going to be there with me?”

“When I left Leeds I knew I had a bad showing, I knew I didn’t have the time that I thought I was going to have or that maybe I should have had. It put me in a mindset that when I came back here to Juventus, I was starting brand new. I’m going back to Juventus like it’s my first time. I have to prove myself all over again.”

“Having Timothy Weah at Juve? It’s always nice to have something like that, because it’s your family away from your family. Like I said before, I’m such a social butterfly that I can go and hang out with any number of players on the team. But I tend to hang out with Tim and [Italian teammate] Moise Kean more than anyone else.

“During the week, if we’re training, Tim will come over and Patrick (personal chef, ed.) will cook food. We’ll eat, we’ll sit down and chat about the most random stuff. We watch movies, play games while we watch movies. I might play Fortnite while he watches or another game. We literally just pass time together. Share silence. Or for instance with Moise, we like to go to the studio and make music. I rap.”



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