Milan Near Completion of Late Transfer Deals: Traore to Palermo and Pellegrino to Salernitana


Milan have made significant progress in securing two last-minute transfers as the transfer window deadline approaches, with Chaka Traore set to join Palermo and Marco Pellegrino on his way to Salernitana.

According to, Salernitana had initially agreed to sign Pellegrino on a six-month loan deal from Milan. However, the process faced an unexpected hurdle due to FIFA regulations. These regulations stated that the defender had technically already played for two clubs this season, having featured in Argentina back in July.

In response to appeals from Milan’s legal team, the FIGC (Italian Football Federation), and the AFA (Argentine Football Association), FIFA has granted an exemption, authorizing Pellegrino’s transfer to Salernitana. FIFA accepted that the dates of the Argentine championship mean his appearances in July technically fall under last season.

As for Traore, despite interest from Lausanne-Sport and West Brom, the young talent will be joining Palermo. The agreement with Palermo involves a six-month loan, with a buy option set at €10 million and a 15% sell-on clause. The move to Sicily marks an exciting opportunity for Traore’s development.


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