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Moggi: ‘Calzona Went to Napoli Ahead of Sarri’s Return’


Former football director Luciano Moggi believes Napoli’s appointment of Francesco Calzona is pre-empting the return of Maurizio Sarri. Calzona replaced Walter Mazzarri earlier this week, making him Napoli’s third coach of the 2023-24 season, and speaking with TMW, Moggi suggested that the move was pre-empting a potential return for Sarri, who famously coached the club from 205-2018:

“This change of coach has a particular flavor: that of a resounding return of Sarri to Napoli.”

Do you think it’s really feasible?

“Calzona has always been Sarri’s second. It hasn’t been smooth sailing for Sarri at Lazio. Yes, he could go back to the fold. The move of De Laurentiis, I think, is an end in itself, they give Calzona advice and he knows many players from Napoli. The main move would have been to not let Spalletti go…. and Giuntoli. By way of derogation from the law of sport, the president has taken on the role of the Director-General and these are the results. When Garcia arrived it was clear that he found some difficulties.”

What about Mazzarri?

“A mistake. If Napoli had taken Calzona from the start it would have gone better. It’s not like he would have done who knows what… so now he’ll be able to plug all the messes made. And then in my opinion there will be the return of Sarri’.”

Inter beat Atletico Madrid.

“Inter are a complete team, they could also win 3-0. Now there is a problem: Atletico Madrid at home always wins, Inter will have to defend the result.”


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