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Morata: ‘I’lll be cheering for Juventus against Sevilla’


Former Juventus striker Alvaro Morata says he will be cheering for the Bianconeri in their semi-final Europa League match against Sevilla. The Spanish international spent two successful spells in Turin and has remained close to the club, often being linked with a return. Speaking with Tuttosport, the 30-year-old explained why he think the Bianconeri have enough to make it to the final, highlighting difference makers like Angel Di Maria, and also addressed the rumours that link him with a move back to Juventus:

“I’m rooting for Juve, it’s normal. I would root for Sevilla in all other cases, but not against my former team. If the Bianconeri unfortunately do not make the Europa League final, then I would be on the side of my compatriots in the final later this month in Budapest that will be worth the trophy against the winner of the other semifinal between Bayer Leverkusen and Roma.”

“Among the many motivations, the Bianconeri will have one more, a very strong one: to gain qualification for the final to dedicate the success to the unfortunate Pogba. Paul is a formidable player, I know him well, we are friends: I immediately called him after the muscle injury against Cremonese. Having passed the immediate frustration of the injury, he is already focused on recovery. He will return as soon as possible and return to his highest level, which are those befitting one of the strongest midfielders in the world. I have played with him and have been able to admire on the field not only his extraordinary technical and athletic skills during matches, but also his way of training, his die-hardness, his desire to never give up. He is a leader in every sense: in competition as well as in training sessions, where he is an example for everyone.”

“But Juve has a warrior and winning spirit in its DNA. I speak knowledgeably because I have experienced it firsthand. Gatti’s goal is one of many demonstrations of this. And besides, a 1-1 draw at home is equivalent to a 0-0 because finally since last season that antiquated and unsportsmanlike rule that assigned double value to away goals in case of a tie in the final goal difference has been repealed. The Europa League is not the Champions League, but whoever wins it automatically goes to the group stage of the most prestigious Cup the following season. It is very important for Juventus with this history of the points penalty imposed in the league standings, then cancelled after three months and now pending again.”

“Difference makers? There are many, I’ll take one from the bunch: ‘El Fidéo.’ I have played with Di María in the past and I can say that we are dealing with an outstanding player, not by chance, a fresh world champion with Argentina in Qatar after winning the silver medal in 2014 in Brazil.”

“Vlahovic? I played with him for the first four months of last year. I respect him. He is still young, he is a ‘millennial,’ but as a character he is a made man. I mean he doesn’t need to mature in that aspect. He has temperament. He has a strong disposition. He is tenacious. At Juve, he just wants to do well and he works hard to achieve that. I consider the criticism he gets unfair. This year he has been plagued by injuries, pubalgia. And then it can happen to anyone to go through a moment of less brilliant form than usual. But his qualities are unquestionable.”

“My goals with Juve? Certainly the most important ones were those in the Champions League, I also scored one in the 2015 Berlin final against Barcelona, the momentary 1-1, but unfortunately it was not enough. In the first game of the next season I scored the winning goal, the 2-1 goal in the final, at Etihad Stadium against Manchester City. I have framed at home the photo of my celebration in a slide on my knees surrounded, also in a slide, by Paulo (ed: Dybala), Juan (ed: Cuadrado) and Paul (ed: Pogba).”

“Returning to Juve? But I swear I haven’t heard any of these things. I have a contract that binds me to Atlético until June 30, 2024, and my agent has not told me anything. At least for now. Then you know how things go in football, especially in the world of the transfer market…. If certain favorable situations and certain opportunities occur in the summer for both the buying and selling club, then what is things could unlock. But, again, I really don’t know anything about it at the moment.”


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