Moratti stands firm: “Inter won 19 titles on the pitch? Milan and Juve cheated, it’s 20′


Former Inter president Massimo Moratti reiterated that the Nerazzurri have won 20 titles: ‘Those ahead of us cheated.’ The one-time Inter owner revisited the controversies surrounding the count of Scudetti won by the club after fans ironically displayed the number 14 at the San Siro in their match with Torino. The 2005/06 title was famously assigned to them after the notorious Calciopoli scandal: Inter finished third (with 76 points) that season, but the penalties inflicted on Juventus (first with 91 points but relegated) and Milan (second with 88 points, penalized with a 30 points deduction along with Fiorentina and Lazio) reshaped the standings and led to Inter being awarded the Scudetto.

“Zhang? He did what he had to do in the difficulties he faced. He deserves all the credit; it will be known as Zhang’s Inter. Inter is the only one that still has a family behind it, even if helped by funds.”

” Inzaghi? He performed a miracle on himself. A figure who, as Inter’s coach, was initially seen by everyone as not up to the task, but then he improved and was excellent. He improved the team’s play and mentality. Now he is a complete coach.”

“Everyone has a role, I believe they (club managent) have given their best. The choices have been made well, the team is there, and they seem to have a lot of merits.”

“19 titles on the pitch? I don’t agree, 20 is 20. The teams at the top cheated. I don’t understand why we should have this mentality that rewards those who cheat.”


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