Mourinho: “I made a mistake refusing Portugal to stay at Roma”


Former Roma manager Jose Mourinho admits he made a mistake in turning down the Portugal coaching job in order to remain with the Giallorossi. Speaking to EA Sports Korea (via CM.com), , the Special One once again reflected on getting the sack at Roma, saying he should have made the switch to the national team job when he had the chance:

“The two finals with Roma were the most difficult to reach. Perhaps even the Europa League with Manchester United was very difficult. Because they were two teams that were in a very difficult situation when I arrived.”

“Some coaches are maybe smarter and more intelligent, so they choose the right job with the ideal conditions to achieve success. I always need to work, feel like I’m doing something, and helping. I like challenges, even if sometimes they are unfair because you can’t expect me to win trophies when my team is not the strongest.”

“Coaching Portugal? It’s normal that I would do it with Portugal. I had the chance to go there twice, but they didn’t come at the right time for me. I let emotions get the better of me when I didn’t accept the last offer because I decided to stay at Roma, and I think I made a mistake. Because now Portugal has a fantastic team, one of the best, among the top five. I knew it, but I felt a great connection with Roma, with the fans, so I didn’t want to make that decision.”

“The opportunity with Portugal came twice; however, I believe there will be a third time, and I will take it. Hoping that the generation I will have will be as strong as this one.”


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