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Mourinho: ‘One player betrayed Roma, he needs to find another club’


Jose Mourinho believes Roma were ‘betrayed’ by one player during their 1-1 draw against Sassuolo: “In January, he needs to find himself another club.” The Giallorossi went 1-0 up late in the match but were pegged back to a draw thanks to an equaliser from Andrea Pinamonti. Speaking to DAZN, Mourinho didn’t mince his words and laid the blame at the feet of one player:

We had a good performance, with a positive, professional, serious attitude. The last two days were difficult. It was a team that wanted to win against a tough opponent, I am sorry that the efforts of the team were betrayed by the attitude of one unprofessional player. You didn’t see me talking that way about Roger Ibanez against Lazio, because errors are part of the game, his attitude was never a problem.

An unprofessional attitude that is not fair to his teammates, that is what disappoints me. A point away from home is still not a negative result and I am happy with the general attitude of my squad.

Who it was? I won’t tell you. I had 16 players on the field tonight and I liked the attitude of 15 of them. I told the other that he had this attitude today only and not always. Now we want to close this period of the season with three points. In January, he needs to find himself another club.

I cannot ask too much from a kid like Volpato who plays for the youth team, I cannot expect him to illuminate everything he touches, but he did well. Obviously, I am happy, he has talent, but I cannot expect him to put the team on his shoulders.

I asked Tammy, why today this attitude and not before? Aside from the goal, he won duels, he put his body in the way, created space, went deep to get the ball. He had a good game.”


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