Napoli director: ‘We have confidence in Mazzarri’


Napoli dircetor Mauro Meluso says coach Walter Mazzarri still has the confidence of the management, despite their 3-0 loss to Torino. The loss means the Parternopei have now gone four games in a row without a win, having been eliminated from the Coppa Italia along the way. Speaking to DAZN after the loss, Meluso insisted that Mazzarri still has the confidence of the club, insisting his job is not at risk for now:

“After the match we had a small meeting with Mazzarri and then with the team. It was a match for which we apologise to our fans, we are very sorry. The team is unrecognisable, we are thinking of doing something to stimulate them to return to normal.

“The call-ups of players in the African Cup of Nations and minor physical problems have conditioned us, but this is not an excuse for what we saw on the pitch. Going into ritiro? Tomorrow we’ll meet at the training centre and we’ll see.”

“Is Mazzarri at risk? “The coach enjoys the utmost trust, there are no thoughts on the matter.”

“That there is a different situation to last year is clear. But whoever plays in Napoli is for Napoli, if someone is missing others have to make up for it. To the negative moment are added other negativities. If in the first half Raspadori had scored on one of the two scoring chances the game would have changed.”


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