Napoli face €100 million Osimhen dilemma as Conte hopes for Lukaku


Victor Osimhen’s future at Napoli remains uncertain as the Nigerian striker, who decided to leave the club in March, struggles to find a new and exciting professional challenge. Napoli are keen to secure the €150 million release clause stipulated in his contract, which is applicable to both European and Arab clubs. However, Osimhen dreams of playing in the Premier League.

Calciomercato report that despite Chelsea’s search for a striker, which seemed to point towards Osimhen, the Blues have not initiated any negotiations for the Nigerian forward. Currently, there are no concrete offers for Osimhen, even though Napoli is willing to consider bids around €100 million.

Antonio Conte, the former Inter Milan manager, has his sights set on Romelu Lukaku. Conte is eager to bring his favored striker back into his fold, but this move hinges on the sale of Osimhen. Without offloading Osimhen, Napoli is unlikely to pursue Lukaku, creating a €100 million problem for the club.

Osimhen’s desire to move to the Premier League and the lack of offers complicate Napoli’s plans. The club’s management, led by CEO Lina Souloukou and new technical director Florent Ghisolfi, is evaluating the situation. They are also considering the input of Daniele De Rossi as they navigate this complex scenario.


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