De Laurentiis

Napoli Face Legal Consequences Following DAZN Protest


Napoli’s clash with DAZN broadcaster has raised concerns over contractual violations and potential legal action, prompting discussions for resolution.

Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis expressed vehement dissatisfaction with DAZN during the club’s recent match against Juventus, leading to potential legal repercussions. His frustration stemmed from being filmed in the tunnel before kick-off, resulting in an outburst directed at the cameraman, where he was seen shouting ‘F*** off!’.

De Laurentiis’ discontent extended further due to scheduling conflicts, notably the decision to hold Napoli’s game against Atalanta on March 30 instead of April 1, conflicting with Easter preparations. This frustration culminated in Napoli’s decision to cease communications with DAZN, a move deemed in breach of their contractual obligations.

Reports from Il Mattino indicate that Napoli’s action may prompt legal action and possible fines for violating their contractual agreements. The club’s decision to block interviews with DAZN is seen as a direct breach, putting them at risk of legal consequences.

Efforts to rectify the situation have already commenced, with discussions initiated between Napoli officials and DAZN Italy CEO Stefano Azzi. One potential solution includes adjusting the start time of the Napoli-Atalanta match, currently set for 11:30 am, to appease both parties and restore amicable relations.


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