Di Lorenzo

Napoli Reaffirm Di Lorenzo’s Position as Captain


Napoli have officially put an end to speculation surrounding Giovanni Di Lorenzo’s future at the club. Through an official statement on their X (formerly Twitter) profile, the club has emphatically restated their stance on their captain, effectively removing him from the transfer market.

This announcement comes in response to recent rumors suggesting that Di Lorenzo, born in 1994, was on the verge of transferring to Juventus at the express request of manager Thiago Motta. Napoli has strongly refuted these claims, denying any need for further discussions between the parties to clarify the situation.

The club’s statement reads: “Calcio Napoli has noticed reports in some media outlets suggesting that a clarification is still needed between the club and Giovanni Di Lorenzo. Evidently, these outlets are misinformed, as the ‘clarification’ between the company and the Captain occurred positively several weeks ago.”

Napoli’s management made it clear that Di Lorenzo’s position at the club is secure, stating, “It is clear, therefore, that Di Lorenzo is and will be the Captain and central pivot of Calcio Napoli for many years to come.”

This declaration effectively puts to rest any doubts about Di Lorenzo’s commitment to Napoli and his role as the team’s leader. The 29-year-old defender, who joined Napoli in 2019, has been a crucial part of the team’s success, including their historic Scudetto win in the 2022-2023 season.


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