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Napoli Ultras: ‘Against Eintracht it will be a war’


Il Messaggero report that the Italian law enforcement agency DIGOS are monitoring the upcoming match between Napoli v Eintracht as they expect clashes between the two groups of supporters. Yesterday, the Tar (Regional Administrative Court) authorised the sale of tickets for the German fans’ trip to Naples for the return match of the Champions League round of 16, which will take place on Wednesday at the Maradona.

The Campania Regional Administrative Court upheld the appeal filed by the German club after the Italian authorities had ordered a ‘ban on the sale of tickets to German residents’.

Il Messaggero report (as quoted by IlNapolista) that the ban on ticket sales had been established after DIGOS reported on the analysis from CASMS (the Committee for the Security of Sporting Events) which had judged the arrival of the Germans as a potential factor of serious danger to public order, also by virtue of the interception of conversations between Napoli fans.

The newspaper quotes DIGOS interceptions as having picked up Napoli fans saying ‘It will be a war’, while Eintracht fans were reportedly quoted as saying: ‘We will come to be the masters in Naples too’, referring to the clashes of the first leg.

Tension is reportedly ‘sky-high’, with around 8,000 German fans potentially arriving in Naples, to which could be added those of Atalanta, whose supporters are twinned with the Eintracht ultras, and also Red Star ultras, who could also travel for the game. Il Messaggero  write:

“Against the 2600 guest tickets, 7,000-8,000 are actually expected. Among them will be the very loyal Atalanta ultras, Eintracht’s historical twins, who share the same political faith (the effigy of ‘Che’ printed on their banners and in their hearts) and who have never been friends with the Neapolitans. They might try to buy tickets for the Germans. This is not enough. The Digos are monitoring the Serbian fans of the Red Star Belgrade who might come to help the Azzurri ‘brothers'”.

“In Naples, the alert will go off as early as Tuesday. With or without tickets, it is feared that many will arrive anyway. A ‘rich’ fanbase, Eintracht supporters usually allow themselves a longer stay. There are those who imagine them already moving united and compact, parading in groups of one thousand, two thousand, through the avenues and alleys in the shadow of Vesuvius. It’s difficult to talk to them, even for the police (including the German ones). Difficult to manage them, because the slightest thing is enough to set them off. Around them, Neapolitans are ready to organise themselves into ‘batteries’ for the hunt for the German. Whether in the street, on the ring road, or on the way back to the hotel.”

Napoli have released an official statement, expressing their ‘deep concern’ over the decision to allow German fans access to the upcoming match, following violent clashes in the first leg in Germany.


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