Nicolò Fagioli to return in May 2024


The FIGC has officially announced the timing of Nicolò Fagioli’s disqualification after the betting case he was involved in. The Bianconeri youngster has admitted his part in places bets on football matches, and Italian football’s governing body has now issues a statement confirming his disqualification, which starts effect of today, 20 October 2023:

“Having regard to the communication from the Federal Prosecutor’s Office relating to the provision for the conclusion of the investigations pursuant to procedure no. 170 pf 23-24 adopted against Mr. Nicolò FAGIOLI, concerning the following conduct: NICOLÒ FAGIOLI, player registered in the 2021/22 sports season for the U.S. CREMONESE S.P.A. and in the 2022/23 sports season for JUVENTUS F.C. S.P.A. at the time of the facts, in violation of art. 4, paragraph 1, of the Sports Justice Code, as well as in violation of article 24, paragraphs 1 and 3, of the Sports Justice Code, for having performed, from the 2021/22 sports season and until May 2023 (sports season 22/23), bets, directly or through a third party, both at authorized parties and at subjects and platforms not authorized to receive them, concerning results relating to official meetings organised within the FIGC (Series A, Serie B and Lega Pro races), foreign professional football championships and UEFA;”

It was noted that the Federal President did not comment on the agreement reached by the parties regarding the application towards by Mr. Nicolò FAGIOLI of the sanction of €12,500 (twelve thousand five hundred / 00) of fine, and of 12 (twelve) months of disqualification, of which 5 months commuted in the following alternative prescriptions:

1) Participation of Mr. FAGIOLI in a therapeutic plan with a minimum duration of months 6
(six) aimed at treating ludopathy;
2) Participation of Mr. FAGIOLI in a cycle of public meetings, in the minimum number of 10
(ten) over the five-month period.

The Federal Prosecutor of the FIGC will supervise the correct implementation of the therapeutic plan and the obligation to participate in public meetings, which, in the event of ascertained violations by Mr. FAGIOLI, will adopt the measures of its competence pursuant to the current C.G.S.”.

Fagioli will be able to return for the last Serie A game on May 26 in Juventus-Monza.


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