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Official: Agreement for Milan Stadium in San Donato underway


Calcio e Finanza report that a significant new step has been taken for AC Milan’s new stadium in San Donato Milanese. The football and finance site detail how this morning, the Administration of the Municipality of San Donato formally sent a request to participate in the process for the program agreement for the construction of the new stadium in the San Francesco area to Lombardy Region, Metropolitan City, FS Italiane Group, Italian Railway Network, FS Urban Systems, and Sportlifecity.

The Administration now await confirmation of participation from the involved parties to give impetus to the administrative process, which will delve into the proposal defining the project, economic, and operational commitments for the overall development of the urban intervention. The goal of the Program Agreement is to address all strategic aspects to arrive at a hypothesis for the realization of the new stadium, overcoming the critical issues highlighted by the Administration with the acts taken so far. Along the way, there will also be a constant participatory relationship with the citizens.

Lombardy Region and Metropolitan City of Milan have been invited as superior territorial bodies in relation to their specific competencies. The invitation to the companies of the FS Italiane Group, on the other hand, aims to seize the opportunity of this urban intervention to enhance the public transport system and the railway network, making them functional both for sports events and in everyday life. Sportlifecity, a company owned by Milan, will participate as a proponent.

“The stadium project represents a unique opportunity for development and attractiveness not only for the city of San Donato but for the entire southern Milan area. For this reason, as the Municipal Administration, we strongly feel the duty to evaluate the intervention with the utmost seriousness with the aim of advancing the interest of the entire community, also by opening moments of dialogue with citizens and Mayors of the area,” said Mayor Francesco Squeri.


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