Olivier Giroud Reflects on Milan’s Season and Uncertain Future


Milan’s star striker, Olivier Giroud, recently sat down for an exclusive interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, where he provided insights into the current season and addressed the uncertainties surrounding his future at the club. Despite an impressive tally of 10 goals and 7 assists in Serie A, the French forward, approaching 38, remains unsure about what lies ahead.

Giroud expressed his sentiments, stating, “I don’t know what will happen yet, but I feel good here and have achieved great things. Ours is a love story. The club and I haven’t seriously discussed the renewal topic; we’ll see later on. The most important thing is to stay focused on the team’s goals. There are other leagues besides MLS, and at the end of the season, more opportunities will arise. I’ll make my decision as a player and a family man.”

In addition to Giroud’s uncertain future, the tenure of coach Stefano Pioli hangs in the balance, sparking discussions for several months. Giroud shared his support for Pioli during tough times, saying, “When he was in the storm, I talked to him, always giving him my support. I told him that I had been through it too and that if he needed me, I would always be there. When I scored against Roma, I celebrated for him. The coach and I have a relationship of mutual trust: I always give my best for him and the team, and he knows it.”

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Giroud also offered his thoughts on fellow teammate Leao, acknowledging the high expectations placed on him. “There are many expectations on him, but he knows his worth and understands that he needs to be even more demanding of himself. As a teammate, I say that someone like him is decisive even when not scoring. In a team, aspects that may not immediately catch the eye matter. We know he can do more, and we support him; he can reach a very high level. He needs consistency and a few more goals.”

Speaking about Ibrahimovic, Giroud described him as the link between RedBird and the team. “He connects us with ownership without overshadowing Pioli’s work. He is here to help, especially with the mental approach and motivations. He talks to us and assists us, knowing that this is a young group that needs experience, players who speak and set an example. That’s why he wants me to be more of a leader.”

As the interview progressed, Giroud touched upon the team’s seasonal objectives, emphasizing the need to focus on the journey. “If we do well and follow the right path, we can try to catch up with Juventus and Inter, who are playing brilliantly. In April, we’ll face both of them one after the other; we have to be at our best. First, we win and earn points, then we talk. For now, thinking about the title is difficult. In the Europa League, we are both outsiders and favorites: it’s a trophy we want to try to win because it’s missing from the club’s showcase. The goal of 20 goals? I can achieve it; I don’t set limits and would like to reach double digits in assists as well.”



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