Percassi: “An unimaginable story – Gasperini still has one year left on his contract”


Atalanta owners Antonio and Luca Percassi hailed La Dea’s journey to the Europa League final: ‘It’s been an incredible journey.’ The Bergamasci saw off Marseille in a comfortable 3-0 win, and after the match, the pair spoke to Sky Sport about the remarkable achievement:

Antonio Percassi: “It was incredible: the people of Bergamo went wild with joy, it was an unthinkable result at the beginning. Now we prepare for the future. At the beginning of the year, our aim is always to avoid relegation. This is an unimaginable story.”

Regarding Gasperini: “Gasperini? He was decisive. Over the years, we have grown. Occasionally, he’s a bit peculiar, but he has done an extraordinary job and has proven it once again. He still has a year left on his contract, it’s impossible for someone to come and take him away. If a club approaches, we will evaluate it with great regret but we will be ready to address this matter. The stadium? It was an important investment. Like signing a top player? We hope to be able to do that too.”

Finally, Luca Percassi: “Dad is the biggest fan. He exudes all his emotions. It’s fantastic. Gasperini? He has the characteristic of never asking for a specific player. We have always talked about roles, characteristics, and he has always given great freedom to the club to choose. We try to make as few mistakes as possible, but he has never demanded anyone. Stadium? It will be completed at the beginning of the year. The acquisition coincidentally happened on the day of Atalanta’s 110th anniversary. The fans deserve a stadium of this level; it must be their home.”


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