Pimenta: ‘The facts speak for themselves’


Football agent Rafaela Pimenta has responded to Lazar Samardzic’s father regarding the failed transfer from Udinese to Inter, saying ‘the facts speak for themselves.’ The Udinese midfielders father gave an interview to SportItalia, claiming that Pimenta had inserted herself into the deal without any authority from the player or his camp. Speaking about the deal, Pimenta is quoted as saying:

“I’m sorry that Samardzic’s father justified his decisions with these arguments. For me, the facts speak for themselves. From the meeting I had with him and his wife together with Kolarov in my office in Montecarlo, to the many calls made together with several clubs, to your request addressed to Udinese to speak directly with me.

“And again: our appointment together at the Inter headquarters, the ‘ok’ given to Inter, the toasts with him and his wife in a hotel in Milan, the video call with his son to organize medical visits, the arrival of others family members and the cameraman for video shooting. After all this, the father made requests that I did not share in substance and in form and at that moment I decided to step aside”.


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