Pioli: ‘I am proud of what we are doing at Milan’


Milan coach Stefano Pioli says he is motivated and energised by his contract renewal: ‘I am proud of what we are doing together’. The club officially announced that Pioli’s deal with the Rossoneri has been extended until 2025, a decision that the coach is happy and grateful for, as he explained to their official YouTube channel:

Signing the renewal is always exciting and it is the situation I wanted. I thank the ownership and the technical department, also for the timing of this signing. This gives me even more motivation in what I do and what I am doing.

On the fans: “When we enter the San Siro, but also away, they give us an energy and support that we feel. We have to give them satisfaction, because they help us so much, especially in delicate moments when we suffer. That’s where the players are also able to find the last of their energy.”

On winning with Milan and his path: “I have always been very positive. I like to believe in what I do and when I entered Milanello, I felt the right energy, talent and sharing to build something important. When you coach Milan, you have to aim to always do the best and win something.”

On the staff: “I have an important staff in terms of skills and passion, as well as in terms of numbers. They support me and put up with me because I am very demanding, with myself and with them. I thank them for the work they do, which is always done to the utmost and with great seriousness.”


What Milan has become for Pioli: “It is something that has become part of me. It is that feeling that I take with me. A great emotion and great responsibility, but always accompanied by great energy. I am happy to coach Milan and to be with our fans. This makes me always give my best to achieve the best possible results.”

What he thinks is his Milan’s best game: “We have played many, but the best is the one in Sassuolo, because nothing was obvious and easy. We knew we had to win every game to win the Scudetto and to face it with that strength and personality was important.”

How and where his team can grow: “We can grow a lot because we are getting used to playing tough games with a lot of continuity again. It takes a great mentality and professionalism to do that. We must aim to have continuity because only then can you win the championship. In the Champions League, on the other hand, it also depends on how you come to the matches and you also need a bit of luck. To win in the league you have to be as continuous as possible.”

On the timing of the renewal: “It was great news and this gives me more motivation. I am proud of what we are doing together. Our path still has goals to achieve.”

On new ambitions: “Ours is a path that must be in full development. We have to be ambitious. We know how good it feels to win and how much it costs to win in terms of work, dedication and sacrifice. We want to be competitive and we work every day to be competitive. We have to be almost obsessed with being ambitious and winning every single game. Only in this way can we remain at the highest level.”


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