Pjanic: ‘I regret not winning the Champions League with Juventus’


Bosnian midfielder Miralem Pjanic admits that not winning the Champions League with Juventus was one of the regrets of his career. The former Bianconeri man was speaking with Il Corriere dello Sport (via TuttoJuve) about his career, and touched on his time in Turin playing for the Old Lady:

“I have one regret, not having won the Champions League with Juventus. In fact, I have two regrets: not having played for AC Milan, I’ve always found it fascinating. Allegri returned to Juve, and I know this for sure, he was about to close with Real Madrid. Juve is very important to him.

“Everything that has happened at the club has affected the team’s choices and performance, so it seems impossible to blame Max for a performance that has not always been exciting. Allegri remains Allegri, one of the most successful and many clubs would like him on the bench. He has done his best so far and I don’t think it is his fault that there have been negative periods. In recent years he has lost important players.”


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