Pogba agent: ‘Paul still has unfinished business at Juventus’


Paul Pogba’s agent Rafaela Pimenta insists that the Frenchman has impressive ‘mental strength’ as he ‘still has a lot of unfinished business at Juventus.’ The 30-year-old has suffered a string of injuries since his return to Turin, having featured for just 160 minutes of the 2022-23 season. Speaking with Calciomercato, Pimenta discussed their close relationship and touched on his resilience in moments of difficulty:

“Pogba calling me his second mum? When I saw that caption, I asked him how old he considers me! Beyond the jokes, it is an honor for me to be called that by Paul. We have a very deep relationship, we argue a lot and then we always make up; all the time like that. The real relationship is one in which we can tell each other the truth; for us this is very important. There is a tendency to always agree with the players, and sometimes it can happen that someone gets angry if he is told ‘no’. We do this, even though we risk losing some players.”

“Pogba’s mental strength is impressive, something magical. He has a crazy ability to overcome difficulties, he does it in an incredible way. Every time he gets back on his feet and moves forward, he never looks back. Right now he needs time to recover, when he is ready he will be back; but Paul is not the type to stop and think about what happened, he points his eyes to the future.”

“He always tells me that he still has many things to do at Juventus.”


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