Pogba: ‘I want my haters to eat their words’


Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba says he wants to make his detractors ‘eat their words’ by showing them he’s not weak. The Frenchman endured a tough 2022-23 season after returning to Juve, with reports that he was the victim of an extortion plot, shortly before suffering a crippling injury in pre-season that ruled him out for all of 2022.

Speaking in an interview with Al Jazeera, Pogba touched on the tough years he’s lived through and why money can impact families in a negative way:

“Criticism from my haters? I want to make them take back those words and show that I’m not weak. They can speak badly of me, but I will never give up.

“The extortion case? Money changes people and can destroy people. Sometimes when I was alone I thought: ‘I don’t want to have money anymore, I don’t want to play football anymore. I want to be with people who can love me for who I am, not for the fame. or for the money.’ Sometimes it’s tough.”


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